Wednesday, March 12, 2008

And Life Goes On

Life has been wonderful lately. Ethan has been trying to get into BYU Provo for some time now and every time he ends up short. Well, I am a waitress at a local restaurant and for the first time ever something wonderful happened at my job. It was a Wednesday night and my first table was a group of older gentlemen and one lady. Throughout the time that I was serving them on man kept asking me question. Things like, where are you from? where did you go to high school? who did you take to prom? are you married? whats you major? whats your husbands major? what are your plans for the future? The list goes on and on. To make a long story short in the middle of the interrogation I mentioned that Ethan was tried to get into BYU but had not succeeded. The man that had been questioning me all night then stood up shook my hand and introduced himself, "my name is Kirk Strong, Director of Admissions for BYU Provo, it's nice to meet you." I have never been so close to peeing my pants! Then man gave me his card and asked me to call. A couple of calls later and Ethan was admitted to BYU. It is funny how things work. I am overly excited to move and in some small way I will miss Suxburg, Idaho.