Thursday, February 12, 2009

Long Story Short

Ok so here is the deal. The foundation of my dad's house sank. There is three divots in the pipe and the main drainage pipe connecting the house to the main city pipe disconnected and broke. The entire basement (where Ethan and I live) flooded with tons of water and sewage water. We couldn't use the toilets, sink, shower, dishwasher... nothing. The estimate to repair the damage was astronomical. The house has a government lean against it because my dad owned his business when he got sick from agent orange and we lost everything. He was unable to work for a long time because he needs a heart transplant and is not considered an eligible recipient. He owes back taxes for the years he was ill and had no medical coverage. It took the government years to recognize him as fully disabled. We cant afford to fix the house and due to the lean cannot sell the house so we are stuck. On top of being stuck my dads doctor told me that with my dad's health condition I had to get him out of the house immediately. His immune system is weak and the chance of infection from mold and sewage water were too great a risk. The only option I could come up with is to foreclose and move. This way the IRS gets money and so does the bank but my dad is out what he has already paid for the house. We found a nice house in Lehi and moved in about a week ago. Life is crazy. I spend all my time trying to organize, go through, and condense the 50 years of stuff my parents had in their house. It is so hard cause they both grew up on the heels of the depression and keep everything. Everyday is about a 15 hour day between school, packing, and the commute. It is harder then I thought it would be to go through all of my mothers things. There is so much stuff in the house that I have avoided because it reminds me of all the things we didn't get to do together. There is this board my sister made for my mom that says, "the only thing better then having you for a mother is having you as a grandma for my kids." What am I supposed to do with that. It was so true she was a great grandma. Even when she was weak from chemo she built a tent in the living room and slept on the floor with her grand kids. I don't want to get rid of it but at the same time its a reminder of what my kids will never have. There is so much to do and I feel very overwhelmed and I feel like a one man band cause I am the only one doing anything. I know there are plenty of people who would be willing to help me but I am too embarrassed to ask for help moving out of a house my dad is foreclosing on. It is not my foreclosure and I know the circumstances behind the decision to walk away but that doesn't make it any easier. We had to foreclose on a house when I was a kid due to my dad getting sick and I am not sure if I am over the embarrassment and insecurities I felt as a kid for having to live in a hotel. It was not my dad's fault and this is not his fault either I just wish knowing that would make it easier. These past two years have been the best and worst times of my life but to be honest I am ready for it to be smooth sailing even if its just for a little while.