Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The home stretch

Sooo I don't really want to talk about the bet..... lets just say it hasn't been going so well. I am swamped with school. Yesterday I wrote a three page paper, a five page paper, and two two page papers not to mention all of my accounting. I have a thirty page feasibility study due on Friday and then finales next week and then I am done. If I can do well on my finales I am anticipating getting a good GPA which I am very happy about. I got a lot of flack for going to beauty school and numerous people told me not to do it because I wouldn't go back to college. Well I did go back and I just might get good grades on top of it.

Oh and the sun has finally decided to show its face in Utah and I couldn't be more happy. I walked outside for a total of 15 minutes today between classes and studying and I am PINK! Do you have any idea how white you have to be to get pink from 15 minute of intermittent sunshine? It was at the very moment that I realized how white I was that I thought about jumping in my car and heading to California where the sunshine all year long. I miss the sun and am sooooo looking forward for summer.

Ethan and I are both taking off some time from work in May. I will be putting in 50+ hours at work starting in June because 2 of the girls I work with will be on maternity leave so we decided that we should spend some time together in May while me had the chance. The only question is what to do? We thought about taking the boat and going to Powell with our dog for half the week and the other going up to Idaho to see friends. I really want to go to Cali but Ethan is not so sure. Any suggestions?

Friday, April 2, 2010

Just a Little Bet

Ok so here is the deal. I want to work out. I NEED to work out. I am 23 this is supposed to be the best I look in my life. Ethan will not let me get a gym membership because he thinks it is a waste of money and he probably right. I am not a fan of running and work out videos make me feel stupid. So what to do? I enjoy biking but find that with work and Utah's bipolar weather biking is not always the most logical thing. Well Ethan and I went to the Good Will or DI as they call it here and I found it. A old exercise bike, you know the one that has a big fan in the wheel that is super heavy? It was only $30 and I wanted it. I could put it in our garage and no matter if it snowed in June, which it does, I can go bike riding. Ethan said no. He doesn't work out he just has a good metabolism. So I begged and pleaded and still....... NO. So this is where the bet came in. He is a techno geek and he is want-y. He really wants and iPad. He says he wants it for me but I know better. SO, I told him if he let me get it I would make a deal with him. For the month of April I have to use the exercise bike 3 days a week for at least 20 minutes. If I don't use it then he gets an iPad. It is a win win for me. Motivation and the bike. For Ethan if I lose he gets an iPad if I win he gets a tighter bum.

To be honest I REALLY do not want to lose this cause the last thing he needs is a
iPad so here goes nothin!