Saturday, March 19, 2011

Stand By Me

Ethan and my song is Stand by me. Through everything Ethan has always been there and if the sky really does start to fall I know he will be there holding my hand.
He recently went to London with his Dad for vacation and loved it! While he was out in VA he had an interview with an Advertising Firm in Washington DC for an internship..... and..... HE GOT IT! and it is paid SURPRISE! I am so proud of him. It will be hard to spend the summer apart but it will open doors for him and us. I have to go to summer school and work but you know what they say absent makes the heart grow fonder :). I just remind myself that he is not in the military and is not going any where dangerous and I am grateful. And because of that fact I promise not to complain once while he is gone. 3 months in an office is nothing compared to what women like my sister go through with their military husbands. YEAH for good fortune and the Lord smiling on us!

Things I am grateful for:
Pandora oldies radio
Time off of work
Clean laundry

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