Thursday, March 15, 2012

Cutest Sister Ever

So it is getting closer to my due date.  I still have awhile but the third trimester is here and with school and work I haven't had much time to prepare for my little man.  I had a small panic moment when walking through Babies R Us with all the stuff in there to get.  What do I need?  What is a necessity? What is a want?  Since my mom is not around my sister has stepped in and filled that roll along with being my sister and friend.  I told her I was worried about what to get so she sent me this "little' email to help me.

So here is a list of things that you might want to consider for your baby.  I will be bias to my list and like any other occupation I have the tools that I like to use to get the job done.  But on this list are things that I have used and think they are a great thing to have.  You can wait on a few items that and/or register for them and see what you get.  You never know so put big ticket items are there and see what happens.

Car Seats
*care seat class through Utah County Health Department in downtown Provo. 
*I like Graco.  It's affordable and they are great, but do your research and see what you like
*Love, love, love the car seat canopy!!!

Breast Feeding/Feeding
*love the breast pump
* I love the Born Free bottles, but Advent is good too and less expensive, I recommend at least 3 bottles
*I love the Gerber baby spoons, bowels and sippies
* I love the Soothe pacifiers and they are used in most hospitals.  You will get a couple of passies at the hospital and I have some if you want to borrow them
*Nursing covers are awesome

*A good stroller is a must and try to get one that will just lock with the baby carrier
*I love the baby Bjorn to tote the baby around it for walks or just doing stuff around the house
*Slings are good too and you can ust it as a nursing cover too

Diaper Bag
I love the bag I got from Tai Pan Trading around $50
*Hard Plastic travel wipes case -travel section at Target;)
*I love A&D diaper rash cream
*baby powder
*I really like my little diaper clutch I got from Etsy.  The link is an example of one and there are different prices for them, but I still use mine;)

*I also really like the burp clothes made from cloth diapers also from Etsy.  I bet Grandma Cari could make some too.  I would recommend 6-9 burbs

*I really Pampers for Newborn size and then you can try some others.  The Target brand is good to for the larger size diapers
*I really like the big box of wipes from Costco.  It is about $20 the box but it will last a couple of months at a time.
*Other things to consider putting in a dipaer bag: small first aid kit, kleenex, nursing pads, maxi/tampons, baby lotion, diaper rash cream, baby powder, gas relief drops (look below), baby blanket for the car seat, baby hats, and extra set of clothes, also large gallon Ziploc bags for accidents!!!

Medical/ Hygiene
*Buy 2 baby Tylenol one for home and one for the diaper bag
*Buy 2 Gas Relief drops for infants the brand name is Mylicon

*Buy a good infant grooming kit at either Babies R Us or Target, one with nail clippers and a hair brush
*A bath tub that can fit in the kitchen sink.  Most do and have a hole stopper which is great to let the bath water out.  Babies poop and pee in the bath tub even newborns and it's nice to let the bad water drain out in a hurry
*Since you have sensitive skin I would go with more of an Avveno product instead of Johnson and Johnson products since they then to have alcohol in them and can dry baby's skin.
*I would recommend a hooded bath towel.  I really like the ones from Pottery Barn Kids about $20
*I would recommend a package of baby wash clothes
*Avveno baby lotion
*I would also recommend washable changing pads for the changing table portion of the pack and play.  Hand towels also work but he will probably stain them, so don't use your best ones for the bathroom.
I would also recommend Dreft baby laundry detergent.  It is great to wash his first clothes in before he wears them.  This detergent is gentle for newborn skin.  Register for it because it is expensive

Clothes are tricky because the sizing depends on the Brand and also the size of your baby.  Your baby will not always fit the size that is shown.  Look more at the weight/height for each item.  Boys tend to grow faster then girls and so your little 2 month old might fit a 3-6 month size.  Do the best you can there might be one to two outfits he might not ever wear because he grew too fast and the season changed. 

*I love onsies!  I like the child of mine brand from Walmart.  Gerber is also a good brand  Find a brand you  like and stick with it.  I would recommend 12 onsies in the newborn size I know it sounds like a lot but they will go through them faster then you think because babies have blow outs or they throw up all over themselves.  You will be doing a lot of laundry

*I love footie jammies.  Costco has great ones for about $7 a piece.  Target has great ones and even Walmart.
*Newborn socks to use for feet and hands
*Get some shirts that can go around his little hands in the newborn or 3 month sizes so he doesn't scrach himself (wait until after the shower and see if you want to get anymore)
*Soft pants to wear with onsies
*look around now for 12/18 month clothes.  He will grow fast and shopping the sales now for next year you will really appreciate like a good coat for winter, jeans, even snow shoes.  Seasonal items are expensive
*Baby sales come around every September and all the stores that carry a children's line will have them.   They usually also have baby sales in March too.
*I love love love Kid to Kid especially the one here in AF.
*Shoes for infants are mainly for cuteness.  He won't be walking, but he will look stylin'

* I love love love books!!!  Babies love books!  Expects say to read to your baby in womb and it will help them develop their cognitive skills.
*Buy just a few baby toys.  He won't be able to hold a toy and look at it until he is about 4 months old.  I bet you will get some at the shower and also from Grandpa and Grandma, aunts and uncles, etc so I won't worry about it until later, but if there is a toy that you really like get it.
Register for a bouncy seat, they are awesome.  You can still borrow mine if you want.
*Soft music for baby to sleep by

Just for Mom
*buy new pajamas
*buy a robe for visitors after the baby
*nice comfy shoes
*bath soap to soak in the tub after baby's born
*Ibuprofen and Tylenol for recovery ( you will be given a strong Ibuprofen when you are discharged)
*stool softener for after baby
*extra money to order pizza/ take out for those hard days

***I really love the Baby Whisperer Book.  I have a copy if you would like to borrow it.  That is where I got all my routine ideas from and it is a really good parenting book****

I hope that helps.  I am sure I might have forgotten somethings, but I think that gives you a good start.  Let me know if you have any other questions and yes babies add up, but they are worth it;)



I have HANDS DOWN the most wonderful sister in the world!  If you mommies out there have more to add please let me know!


Audra said...

Nursing bras- if you choose to nurse!! Sometimes it's harder than it sounds-just don't stress!!

Also, if you choose to have him circumsized- have lots of vaseline or neosporin for when you get home!! You will need it for every diaper change!!

So excited for you guys!!

Ethan and Sarah said...

Thanks Audra I can use ALL the help I can get!