Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Mama Said There Will Be Days Like This

   It has been too long and too much has happened to play catch up in detail.  So here is the super short version.  I moved while Ethan was gone.  He came home from his internship and we both went back to school full time in the fall.  I had 17 credits and full time work and Ethan had 16 and worked whatever hours he could get.  After almost 3 years of heartache and fertility problems WE ARE GOING TO BE PARENTS!  I found out we were expecting in September and could not be more happy.  My mama warned me there would be bad days but she promised there would be one day that more then made up for any number of bad days.  Seeing those two lines was that day!
     In October we sent my little brother Quincy off on an LDS mission (something that was another three years in the making!).  In December we told our family about our bundle of joy and found out January 7th that he was a BOY.  It was hard working full time going to school full time and taking calculus and statistics at the same time as morning sickness and being tired but I loved every minute of it.  I decided a long time ago that the last thing I was gonna do it want and pray for something for so long and then turn around and complain about it. In January I accidentally totaled our Nissa on the freeway and we laid her to rest a week later.  It was sad but no one got hurt so no real complaints.
     On January 29th I turned 25! Which still weirds me out.  I woke up to breakfast in bed, a clean kitchen, and a counter of flowers balloons and presents. (notice the hostess cupcakes?  I am obsessed with them.  Ethan loves me enough to buy them for me and then hide and ration them out so I do not eat my body weight in them.  He stays strong despite my temper tantrums)

      Ethan and I are now in our last full semester of school and will walk April 27th.  I has been a long road to get our degrees but worth it, or at least everyone keeps telling me it will be.  Our little boy is due June 5th and time seems to be flying by.  I was sad that my parents will not be here to be grand parents to my son but was overwhelmed about the love and excitement that everyone has shown me about this baby.  I feel like there are people who are more excited then we are!  For now it is just school and work and school and work but we are happy and content. 

 17 weeks Christmas day
 We had the ultra sound tech put the result in an envelope and took it to a cup cake shop.  If it was a girl the attendant had to put pink cupcakes in the box and blue for a boy.
We waited until we got home and called Ethan's parents on Facetime so they could be apart of it.  Ethan was ecstatic that it was a boy... he walked around the house singing "Oh Boy Oh Boy its a Boy its a Boy"  and has made plans for him and the little man for the next 7 years.


Meagan said...

Girl, I'm so happy for you guys. This is such an amazing blessing from God!

I know what you mean about not wanting to complain. I made the same deal with God. I really do think that a positive attitude helps with all of the nausea and weird things that happen during pregnancy. I truly loved being pregnant...it is such an amazing miracle. Its so hard to wrap my head around it!


Ruby Hill said...

IM SOOO EXCITED and wish I could be there to spoil the little guy!! he's going to be so handsome!!

KeNzIE said...

Love your blog!! So excited for you two. You really will be the best parents ever! You're amazing Sarah!xoxo