Sunday, February 19, 2012

Workin Hard for the Money

I love my job.  I have been working a ton lately which is good for me but bad for my school work.  My boss just sent me to San Francisco for three days for a training.  I will now be team teaching Dollar Camp to all of the new students at Paul Mitchell the School Provo.  It is a three day financial course that will help students be better with money and to understand personal finance concepts that they may not have learned at home.  I am super excited to be able to teach it!  San Francisco was AMAZING!  I forget how much I miss California sometimes and it is crazy to me that I moved away almost seven years ago.  The company that was training put me and a co-worker up in a hotel in Union Square for two nights and took us out to dinner at an authentic Italian restaurant for dinner.  I got home late Saturday did homework and laundry all day today and am off to Vegas for three days for work tomorrow. 

On a side note... I made the mistake of not going grocery shopping before I left leaving me with NO food in my entire house today!  On Sundays I try not to go shopping our out to eat so I just pulled out a chicken we had frozen and tried my luck with an experiment that turned out really well!  I think it is an experiment I will try again.

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Ruby Hill said...

Good to have you back in the blog world! the food looks delicious but you've always had a knack for good food and san fran sounds awesome!